Thursday, July 28, 2016

We Are Classing Up The Posh Posh Starting This Fall

That's right my people. The boys at Geek Fallout are taking it to a whole new level. Class up the joint a bit. Combine the best of many shows into one guaranteed weekly podcast with the best of the week in all things GEEK and that pretty much includes most anything out there of interest. I have been asked to co-host. That is a big responsibility. How did I get chosen. I bet it means more work. Promotions always mean more work.
I plan to use my posts to keep track of the week and have something to say about each topic that might come up. I like this. Human conversation with real humans. I am sit of talking only to robots like SIRI and those people at Sobey's. I swear the one running the 12 items or less is days away from snapping. But I digress. There will still be other shows on the network but this will be the flagship. I hope it will build into something that my followers will like and even comment on.
Now THERE is a concept. Comments from more than 8 different people. I love them. I know they will listen and give me the straight poop about how the Posh Posh is going. I need something like this people. I really don't talk to people for real very much in my week I need it so I don't go onto the garage roof and start shooting at the crows. I won't just get off with a warning this time if I do that again.
We will talk about the Week in Geek with our take on movies, television, comic books, computer games and whatever else comes up to talk about. I basically do this kind of research daily so I know I will always have lots to talk about. The group we are collecting will be good podcasters as well. I like that I never have had any dead air when I have done these podcasts. Our biggest problem is talking over each other.

I am still Calvin, remember. I can always find a way to fuck this up. Then it's back busing tables at the Schnitzel Hut.

But NOTHING can harm me while I wear the MASK OF VULCAN!!

I have ONE wish. That when we hit the BIG TIME, then THIS DESIGN MUST be sold in our online store. I am afraid this a deal breaker for me. This particular creation is brilliant and no one will get it UNLESS you lived in the times we have.
I do like our new logo


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It's great that you're going to co-host! You've done well!

DrGoat said...

Bravo. And well deserved, as copious as you are in this world you guys have created. (I think that means what I wanted it to mean).