Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Thoughts From The Toy Box

I am looking forward to the movie and the toys.

We have come a long way baby.

I love the acrylic cases around these games. I can't even estimate how much that would cost me to do with each packaged figure that I have in my collection. I really should do a count one day. I know I have 12,000 plus comic books because those I DID count as I put them into their plastic tubs about a decade ago.

Seven bucks for hours and hours of playtime, especially if you had your own sandbox that the cat hasn't shit in.

Oh to have all of these pieces from the Six Million Dollar Man line. Breaks my heart each time I see pictures of this stuff together. I would love to have the entire set bequeathed to me by some elderly fan of the show.

Another example of great accessorizing of an action figure.
Big Jim knew how do the characters up right.
Tons of play value.

This is the first picture I have seen of a DC SUPER HERO Wonder Woman figure with her Invisible Jet. I can't find any additional information on this toy, which is gorgeous and I must have. Just when I think I have every toy that I could possibly want, I see something like this. I have been looking for info on this toy for two days now but the Internet is devoid of all but this one picture. Let me know if you see news about it on your travels. I love collecting Wonder Woman figures but love collecting Wonder Woman with her Invisible Jet figures the most of all.

Batgirl of Burnside finally reduced to her own six inch figure. Very affordable and a great version of her costume that was a game changer.

For ten bucks there is no excuse for me NOT having an Ahsoka Tano from Funko.

Robots are always great.

DC Bombshells also at the six inch size. More great female characters from the fantastic designs of Ant Lucia.

If I could do it all again I would have a whole shelf of these soldiers from world history. The construction is so well done as are all the various accessories which are designed with a nod to being museum quality with the final product. It's why these kinds of figures can demand such a high price of both the primary and especially the secondary markets. Look at how beautiful this Knight figure is. All the parts are researched to be authentic to the time period and they make for great display pieces as long as you keep them in sealed glass cases where the dust can't get to them.

I can never have too many good looking Doctor Strange figures in my collection. I have at least five that I can think of off the top of my head. This one from the upcoming movie will be a great addition. Look at the detail and the nice head sculpt of Benedict Cumberbatch.

Dr Evil. The FIRST Dr Evil from the 60s. Complete with medallion and removable brain. They don't make them like this guy anymore. Captain Action was truly one of the greatest toy lines of all time. I Should do an individual post just about them and the reproduction figures that were made decades later. Those are the ones I have in my collection. This is the Dr. Evil that I have.

I have this set complete. The 70s action figures had great accessories in most of their lines. The Fighting Furies only had three main characters but eight different identities complete with fantastic pieces. This one is a Bedouin spy complete with his own eagle. I still even have the knife with scabbard - a piece that normally gets lost first. It's the little things like that that make collecting fun for me, especially with these older loose sets.

Snowbird. Sigh.
Now where is my Alpha Flight movie?

Why does the Hulk need his own helicopter with his name on it?
Why all the tiny tools not made for Hulk hands?

Captain Cold - I am a big fan.

He might be a numnut but Cobra Commander is one hell of a stylish dresser.

I can never have too many Hawkgirls in the collection.

Why does Batman need a bat, knife and several types of guns?
He's not a collector.

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DrGoat said...

Wow. Lots of neat stuff there. That knight is so cool. Still have the Seaview model somewhere I think. That or it got blowed up real good with firecrackers as did a lot of my models back then. I think putting all your figures etc. into those acrylic cases would be a monumental feat. And very expensive. But it would be cool.