Saturday, July 30, 2016

Stay Crazy Japan

Just a few months ago, Housetu Sato created some internet buzz with his giant wearable cat heads, called the "Real Cat Head". The super realistic cat heads that function like a helmet are actually made from felt, and the original was actually made by Housetu Sato and students he taught at the Japanese School of Wool Art. From there the awesome but somewhat night-mare inducing feline mask was displayed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art museum. Sato's knowledge of needle-felting isn't just limited to these surreal cat helmets, however, but also needle felting regular cat crafts. Now, for the first time, his enormous and super-realistic felt cat heads are on sale.


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jester59388 said...

Somehow, I see this and "Omaha the Cat Dancer -- The Movie!" doesn't seem all that far-fetched after all!