Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Red Sonja 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Red Sonja - outlaw, mercenary, warrior and queen. After escaping her bloody origin, she hunted the wilderlands of Hyrkania, theived the streets and palaces of Pah-Disha, sold her sword on battlefields from Koth to Aquilonia, and liberated countless mugs of ale from barrels throughout the Hyborean world. Red Sonja slew the king who tried to posses her and freed the world from the dark sourcery of Kulan Gathe. Forced to flee her homeland, she rode west across the Turanian Steppes and into the shadowed mists of legendary.





Monc said...

Kaustic Plastik makes a Heroik Male Muscular Body and Fantasy Warrior Outfit & Head Sculpt Set, just in case you want a Conan figure to accompany Sonja on her adventures.

Heroik Male Muscular Body (

Fantasy Warrior Outfit & Head Sculpt Set

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I need this!