Friday, July 29, 2016

No One Does Better Propaganda Posters Than The Russians

Except for maybe the Chinese and the North Koreans.



We now know those e-mails were discovered when Russians hacked into the DNC computer. The question that brings up is -- why would the Russians want to hurt Clinton? Why would they want to interfere in the United States election? The obvious answer is they were trying to boost the candidacy of Donald Trump.

But perhaps the most important reason is Trump's attacks on NATO. Trump has said NATO is outdated, and even suggested that he would not act to defend some NATO countries (who he claims are not paying their share of the burden). That had to be music to Putin's ears.

NATO is the primary defense of Europe against Russian aggression, and Europe depends on the United States keeping its word and honoring the treaty. Hillary Clinton would do that. Donald Trump has said he might not. Donald Trump would make NATO weaker, and maybe useless.

That's the real reason Russia would act to help Trump -- because Trump admires Putin and does not believe in NATO.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Perfect analysis, Goodstuff! You should change your name to Greatstuff!