Sunday, July 31, 2016

I Might Watch This - Timeless

This perfectly describes why a black girl as the new Rocketeer set six years after the Second World War just will not work if you want to do anything resembling historical truth. That was the fun of the original Rocketeer and it will be the fun of this one if I don't have to watch the poor pilot get treated with so much disrespect. My patience for that kind of storytelling is really quite limited. But I do loves me some good time travel elements and the guy for E.R. is always a good get. He's like Jimmy Smits light.

I wish there was someone working at NBC that just perused the net for mention on blogs about their upcoming shows. Maybe reward people who express an interest in supporting a program and send them a little swag. Nothing fancy. Just the same crap you give to media types to get them to like your show. I am prepared to like your show and I can be bought for a handful of beads. Please exploit my lack of integrity.


Chase March said...

Great idea, Kal. You always post about upcoming releases and things you have seen. Your reviews are usually on point and I can count on your opinion. Plus, you often have great ideas for upcoming movies, existing franchises, and TV shows. More people should take notice. Come on, Hollywood! The Cave of Cool is where its at!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thank you very much for that my friend. I try to share the stuff I enjoy because that is what I appreciate from other people.