Sunday, July 24, 2016

Star Trek Beyond

After three movies the actors have really started to settle into their roles as the new/old crew of the Enterprise. Karl Urban is still the best as Dr. McCoy but everyone is good. I believe their friendships are real and those friendships get tested once again when the ship is destroyed (ONCE AGAIN!!) and our crew are left to their own devices.

Of course we know that they will triumph in the end but the fun part is seeing how they get there against what seem like overwhelming odds. In other words it's another normal day for the crew of the Enterprise and this movie feels like the best episodes of the original TV show. Everyone pitches in to save the day.

The effects and action sequences are all top notch. I especially liked HOW they destroyed the Enterprise. It was a smart plan and visually spectacular. But WHY OH WHY does the ship have to take a beating again?There should be a moratorium on wrecking the Enterprise.

So Sulu is gay? Big deal.


I was not a fan of the villain who just seems like another alien with a grudge against us humans. But a big adventure needs a big villain and this bad guy is no Khan.  The great Indris Elba is behind the make-up but it really could have been any actor behind the mask because he's very generic. The big 'twist', well I saw that coming from down the block. Once I knew about the USS Franklin. It all made sense.
But I fell in love with Jayla played by Sofia Boutella (Kingsmen) . I hope she continues to be around for the next movie. Maybe taking Chekov 's place on the bridge since the current one recently was killed in a freak accident. I liked DS9 so much because there were always lots of species around. The Enterprise has been too human for a long time. Time for a more alien crew besides their token Vulcan.
This is the best of the more recent crop of Star Trek movies and worth the time for the action and adventure and humor and all that a Star Trek movie should be and we should expect it to be. Great stuff. It tries to say something about humanity and being your own man but that is lost in all the jumping and punching and jumping.


DrGoat said...

Looks better than the last one.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It is much better.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm getting behind in my summer blockbuster viewing.

DrGoat said...

Think I will actually go to the movies to see this one.