Saturday, July 30, 2016

I Find I Like A Nice Rant In The Morning As The World Slowly Break Me Down One Small Piece At A Time

I notice that in most of the publicity for the Suicide Squad that Cara's Delavigne's role as the Enchantress is barely seen. I hope they are not doing that for shock value or because she's the big surprise that saves the day in the movie. I want her to suck so bad that they want to cut her entire part from the film. I say that because I hate her. I hate her face, her eyebrows and that ONE face she does as a model that makes her look like she thinks she is so much better than me, you, all of us. But especially ME. Fuck You bitch. Don't give me that stink eye. And do something about that thing on your forehead before it turns into a butterfly and leaves you without eyebrows....which is apparently what people think is MOST beautiful about you. You lucked out. You met the right people. You hit the lottery. Now take that fucking look off your face and play the game and act more fun and grateful instead of spoiled and entitled.

Look at this sour faced puss.
And this is her happy and smiling.

Worse yet my favorite French Director LUC BESSON has cast her as the female lead in his next great science fiction epic - Valerian and the City of A Thousand Planets. This guy made FIFTH ELEMENT and DISTRICT 13. She best not fuck up the Maestro's movie because I have just about had it up to here with Cara Delavigne.



How could I forget Luc Besson's BEST movie - LEON or The Professional as it's also known as. It's Natalie Portman's first big role and she nails it as Matilda. One of the sweetest and most brutal love stories in movie history. One of my top ten all time.


j-swin said...

Let's not forget "Leon" is on his resume as well.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

ooooo forgot about that one. That is the best one of all. Thanks for reminding me.

j-swin said...

That's why I'm here.

Dr. Theda said...

Not familiar with her (know of the Enchantress) ... hoping that we like and enjoy this DC film...