Monday, November 19, 2018

Check Out What You've Been Missing

Check out the first five epsisodes of THIS WEEK FROM THE CAVE OF COOL and tell us what you think. I don't care but my producer MD JACKSON is a bit of a difficult diva and hot house orchid so some coments would make him happy.
Episode 1, in which our heroes, Calvin and M. D., recall and dissect and generally have fun with the big, big movies that were released over the summer, and Calvin outlines the reasons for his hatred of the Pumpkin Spice.
Episode 2, in which our heroes, Calvin & M. D., tackle the entire catalogue of brand new television series coming up in the upcoming months with a few side-trips along the way.
Episode 3, in which our heroes, Cal and M. D. (ably assisted by their Music Director, Frances Simpson) wax rhapsodic about the Thanksgiving holiday, October in Canada, Halloween costumes of days gone by, then sheepishly admit that they are big babies when it comes to scary movies. Along the way Cal tells some hilarious stories – these are pure gold, folks! (Also many very funny but very naughty words... children and those with delicate sensibilities be warned!)
Episode 4, in which our heroes, Cal and M. D. Talk about the movies that scared them. The new Halloween film, plus Calvin tells an amazing story that brings together The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tobe Hooper and Billy Idol and redemption from beyond the grave. MD reveals the film that frightened him silly as a child and a few that frighten him now. There are hilarious stories along the way about the original Frankenstein and the original Alien.
Episode 5, in which our heroes, Cal and M.D. Talk about their favourite band, Queen, the impact that their music had on their lives and Cal gives his enthusiastic review of the Queen Biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. We also talk about the infamous Megan Kelly “Blackface” fiasco, Creed 2 (wherein M.D. Reveals his part in Rocky IV), Aquaman, and Cal inexplicably threatens to tip some unnamed podcasters into a bear pit.

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