Thursday, November 22, 2018

My Thanksgiving Message To The Punk Social Media Slackers Around Your Thanksgiving Table

If I was blessed with a family or even an extended family or a circle of friends I would say this to all the punk kids in the room. Even the little ones because you can't hear this advice early enough. I cut out all the swear words because those would be the only words I said that they would remember.
If you love something. Commit some time to it everyday. It can be music or blogging or sport or all three. Just love the hell out of what YOU love to do. What you love to think about should be what you day dream about when school is making you homicidal.
If it's comic books then learn all you can about them and who are the artists and writers doing the creation. Use the Internet. Read the classics and find titles that you enjoy and consume them like gummy bears. Soon you might be knowledgeable enough to actually create one yourself. But never stop doodling in the margins of your notebook or writing out story and character ideas. One day all that thought maybe becomes your first book
If you are a soccer player then watch the best players on YOU TUBE because they all have 'how to' clips to share. Study them. Try to copy them. Study the old school players and learn why they dominated. And work your ass off in practice and do all the things the pros do to be the best. Know you game. Play fair and don't make excuses for your mistakes and you might be team captain and get noticed from the next level. Same goes for hockey players and swimmers or any sport you can name.
If you want to sing then watch people from all over the world who have gone on these TV talents shows and be better than them. Sing in front of people you love and if they ALL think you are good then sing for your friends. If they laugh and rip you a new one then actually go back and learn HOW to sing the style you most prefer. Be original and surprise people by what comes out of your mouth. Study the greats you admire and figure out why they were good enough to become immortal. Be humble. Ask for help and advice from those in the know and leave nothing on the stage when you perform. And if you think you can rap then for God's sake be ORIGINAL and let your words actually start as poetry. Really too many wannabees out there in the Rap game.
If you love to write and if you have things to say then start blog and find a way to not be an asshole about it. Write about what you love the most but be able to explain why you love it. In my case that thing is ME and the stuff I like or don't like. I only care about my own opinion because I am selfish and strange and I am not fit to be among you. So I blog to scream my truth to the world. You can do the same only try to be less insane. Only try to offend the Vegans, the Nazis, the Octopus and the idiot trump. Choose your targets carefully and blast away.
If you like to draw then the digital tools exist to make you immortal. But learn the FUNDAMENTALS OF DRAWING FIRST. That goes with anything you wish to be great at . If you trust the basics and try to do better work each time you are doing something that you LOVE anyways, how can you NOT become GREAT at it?? 10,000 hours. Put in the time so you are ready when your opportunity appears.
I can do this all day with any dream you can give me. See my point and say these things to a kid in your life...maybe several. Help them with their dream. It will be the most rewarding thing you will ever do and is a gesture that can only make the world better.


Count Robot said...

Well done.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Great advice, Cal, and very true. Having a passion and purpose in life also helps to prevent directionless drifting into addictions. It's tragic when kids get lost and piss their lives away before they even really start.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You are right. Wait until life beats you down and disappoints you totally before you turn to the demon weed and psych meds.