Monday, November 19, 2018

Lorne Michaels Can Such My Dick

SNL CAN SUCK MY DICK! All the best bits I would LOVE to share at the Cave of Cool. I would love to talk about something when everyone has just seen it. It's fair use and GOOD PR for a show that frankly has seen better days. Everyone tries very hard but then Lorne Michael's decides what is funny enough to get on the show. Buddy, if this was baseball you would be hitting around 267 and that is in your best years. Thank the GODS for Update and McKinnon.

So last night you did a skit of frozen test monkeys and test cats and Russian cosmonauts that was the funniest damned thing I have seen in a long long time. I howled that kind of laughter I thought I would never do again while trump was still alive. So as usual, my first instinct is to share this ONE SKIT (FAIR USE YOU CORPORATE ELITIST BASTARD) so that everyone can see just how funny SNL has the potential to be. But you stopped learning or knowing what was funny after putting a retard like Chevy Chase on Update. No one did it worse. Stop praising him like he's the next Jerry Lewis. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I never bash you for producing movies with your players to abysmal reviews and little to no return on investment. Plus many of those people have had their movie careers killed in their tracks because your piece of crap film was their first big time movie and you FUCK IT UP LORNE MICHAELS. Yet with all this power you have at NBC you don't allow your best stuff to be shared or even seen by anyone outside of the USA. Content blocked at non existent digital border because we are not worthy to share or comment on your genius and that makes you a sad, greedy, douchbag who was too afraid or too unfunny or too stupid to not allow such content to be fairly used. I just want to say something nice about your brand and you could use the good will, ya fuck but THIS is what you earned from me now. Been watching since the Seventies and never stop. I know that get me no thanks for supporting your franchise and your vision..

Tonight I realized that my patience for your bullshit has a limit and now Lorne you are dead o me.. And I will go out of my way to bash you when I seen mention of your name. I will now do research and learn what trips you out the most and direct my venom there. The Cave of Cool just wants to give you a cool stamp of approval but you pull this content crap.

2 comments: said...

Chevy Chase was a has-been since National Lampoon's Vacation. Why do they keep using the same, non-funny go-to's? Damn them.

Love you, Cal.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

When yu get burnt out from all your helping and sacrifice come visit me and let me rechage your batteries. So vey proud of all ou have cooirinatin in our area and ath is why I ca neve love anyone ut yu. One wee. Come on. I will take you to see the Mountain.