Sunday, November 18, 2018

Podcast Extra

I already knew the end of DUNE before I read it because I saw the movie first. But LOTR was ruined by a close friend who was a nut for LOTRs and we watched that two part cartoon a hundred times but I would never let him tell me what happened in Return of the King because I could barely get to Helm's Deep without wanting to kill myself. Tolkien was a slog to read. My brain just couldn't slow down long enough to absorb all that education in linguistics that came with the story. I didn't need to know the origins of character names. WHO GIVES A SHIT? But with such a compelling story you push through until you can't anymore and you get distracted by the Hitchhikers Guild To The Galaxy. But one night when I was very high I let someone tell me how LOTR ended and he told me everything especially the part where Golum bites off Frodo's finger and falls into the fires of Mount Doom. I was upset with myself for years for letting him do that. Even when I saw the movie I hated that I was not totally unaware of how everything ended. No surprises. Very cool but the magic was diminished.

But to tell someone the point or end of Moby Dick is a mitzvah. An act of great kindness that is not asked for but offered for free. It's a Jewish thing but telling all humans to avoid Moby Dick is the way I try to do some good in this world.

Tossed the book and found out there was a movie which was so much of a letdown. I thought people who studied this kind of lit would put some insight or symbolism or lessons  into the tale but it's still the same big pile of NOTHING. I wasted even more time with this stupid film. Oh I hate it so much.

Then came free choice book and he had a dozen racks in his room but I went right to the PX and bought THE GODFATHER by Mario Puzo just because it was a paperback re-release after the movie hit it big and I knew he would turn it down. My Mother forbade  me to see The Godfather because of the horses head in the bed. The edict particularly offended me. I was a smart kid and one who would not go off decapitating horses once the idea hit my brain. I defied them both by first telling that teacher in no uncertain terms that this was my book and that I knew there would be a movie on TV next month. But I promised to read the book so I could do a good report about how one version compared to the other. He agreed because he knew he owed me for MOBY DICK.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

Moby Dick is your Moby Dick, man.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

My hate is pure. You must agree. And it has the most famous opening line in literary history too which annoys the hell out of me.