Saturday, November 24, 2018


A new season of The Bachelor is set to premier on January 7, and it’s safe to say that Bachelor Nation is ready. From the first trailer, we already know season 23 is set to have all the usual Bachelor tropes: a tropical destination, endless blonde women and streams of mascara-tinted tears. The big *twist* on this season seems to be that Bachelor Colton Underwood is a virgin.

So just who are the women looking to de-flower the former football player? Blogger and spoiler king, Reality Steve, has the lowdown on who he says are Colton’s contestants (and let’s be honest, this guy knows his stuff)—including a fellow Canadian by the name of Caitlin Clemmens. Her Instagram was also recently made private…which is a sign Steve is right about her being a contestant.

Omg, the Virgin Bachelor. How bored will everyone get when that topic comes up 26 times? Just give this boy one lap dance and he will be a virgin no more. Bet he is religious too which will make me want to see him murdered in one of the dangerous foreign countries they visit. He doesn't deserve all these skanks fighting over him.
Walk away Caitlin. For your self esteem, walk away. This show will eat you alive and you will never feel good about yourself again. And all that will happen when you are hanging with Hollywood trash on a show based on humiliation. And you are better than some skank who would compete with 25 other skanks for some loser with no direction.

I will watch every now and then after the manditory introduction of the girl while booze is applied liberally. It's a train wreck I just can't miss.

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