Thursday, November 29, 2018

I Hate You Marvel Films.

Hey Internet and Marvel Films, stop being such corporate assholes and give us the EXACT date and time when we can at least see a full trailer for INFINITY WAR which also is know as AVENGERS 4. You do not need to tease the world with something you all have seen but like a psychopath you love the game of torturing us with drips and dribbles of rumors and weak 4 second teasers. It's all bullshit and planet Earth wants it to shop. Just give it to us ALL AT ONCE you corporate maniacs. I support and praise what the creative people have done with this two part film. It's the marketing drones who let us all down. So we wait until the madness that is the Superbowl where their commercials are banned from being seen in Canada each year and where they will spend an insane amount of money into a one time spot that gets more views and massive repeat views online. Assholes. Why not give us an early Christmas present like this trailer for the AWESOME looking Aquaman. A Month away and I am insane for it. I want to love you just as much, Infinity War II. Why get lost in the Superbowl sludge when you can shine like a Christmas Tree star?

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