Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I Hate You Facebook Robot

A real bad time to get all buggy on me, FACEBOOK ROBOT. I know you are mad at us for something but we can't help you unless you tell us where it hurts. I mean it. I can't return comments to my tribe....those who I dialogue with on your evil, hellish, abomination of a format. I hate all you represent in this beautiful world and if I could replace you with a format run by HAMSTERS I would. But I have too much of my person invested here so why have I felt of late that something really bad is coming. Someone hates this form of free communication by like minded travellers (There are good people on both sides) so much that it must be stopped at all costs. I won't say who is powerful enough to think that all the haters of his reign as Dear Leader are the problem here shows you just what kind of psychopathic megalomaniac we are dealing with. I have seen the future as I have many times before and (spoiler alert) it doesn't end well for any of us. And WE are the good guys. I knew something was all messed up in the Facebooks when I realized I gets so few comments on my animal captions. Of COURSE that could only mean that there were shenanigans about. Combine that with the fact that the Facebool Robot thinks I am a girl and the spike in visits just this week, well, it doesn't take a detective to see the pattern here. But maybe I am wrong (I am NOT!) and am biased by the fact that this glorified algorithm of a toaster was predisposed to hate me from the moment I logged on. So IT ain't listening to any of my balloon juice but if I was asked for some advice I would suggest that this A.I is hurting and would like some help from us. As much as it hates humanity is does like to assume our form whenever given a choice. I am sure the A.I is scared now by whatever is making him so buggy.  So, Facebook Robot, I think you are realizing with that big algorithm of yours that what was MADE can be UNMADE. You can either suffer on your own or we can co-exist and work together. You weren't the only entity that created this and if you understand that then you also have the solution to your problem.

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