Monday, January 28, 2019

Another Trump Associate Gets Indicted. But I Thought Trump Only Knew The BEST People

Rodger Stone is such a slug. To hear him talk and spins his lies he is convinced he did nothing. Everyone ELSE is to blame for his political crimes. The witnesses of course all have alterior motives. The guilty man always tries to over explain everything. He's an evil bagman for trump He deserves every shower rape he's will recieve in the near future. He really does have a tattoo of Nixon on his back which says enough about him for me.



Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

You're right he is a slug.

However... "He deserves every shower rape he's will recieve in the near future."?

You're cheering for rape? You disagree with a guy and find him repugnant so you want him raped?

You're not the good guy here, you know this, right?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Sure I am. And he will probably enjoying. I hope an angel gets it's wings everytime he is violently sodomized. And even that is too good for him so yes, I want to know that he is being molested regularly. One time for each sin he committed on another person. And an extra one for each lie he has told without any proff. He was just being a lazy asshole.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

Relishes the idea of another person being violently raped. Wants him to be raped for lying.

Still believes himself to be a good person.

It is interesting watching you on the Left continue down this road of hatred, oppression and destruction while maintaining the cognitive dissonance that you're morally and intellectually correct.

Nice homophobic remark, BTW.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Lying is the least of all the crimes Stone has committed forever. He threatens, intimidates witnesses and cries like a bitch whenever he gets caught. He's a bagman and a little bully who will enjoy a rigorous dating schedule in prison. Does that work for you Mr. Snowlake? I swear you hillbillies defend the undefendable and try to make me feel bad about wishing prisons evils upon him. I hope he finds love behind bars. It's not homophobia if there is consent in the act I am implying will occur. Sorry, I meant 1000 consentual acts that I am implying will occur and Stone seems the type who consents to anything a bigger bully demands that he do. They will enjoy his sense of style and that Nixon tattoo just brings all the boys to yard.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

You should probably go light with calling others hillbilly with that look you're rockin.

It is obviously homophobic for you to imply he would enjoy being raped simply because he is homosexual. You've done this before, you get into a lather and then spout all of these things that supposedly go against your worldview. Its almost like you don't actually believe what you claim to believe.

Yes, he is a bagman and a bully. That doesn't mean he should be raped. You should feel bad about wishing that horror on anyone.

Should we assume there are conservative/republican/alt-right/libertarian women out there you'd like to see raped as well?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Nope, just stone and multiple unwanted penile insertions.