Thursday, January 24, 2019

Call Me Japan - I Have Many Questions And Solutions To Share

Yeh, this makes sense. And I agree with the site I found this story on. This is really an OTTER? Have the creators ever SEEN an otter? This is why they go rogue and psychotic. They have serious identity issues. They don't know where the line is drawn and often make mistakes in etiquette. I only explain how they become monsters. Not how to destroy them. That I leave to those trained in such matters.
I just want to remind this freak that stupid otters who get involved in shenanigans will be dealt with one way or another. Some frisky mascots just up and disappear all together and no one ever sees them again. Two weeks later they are a MEMORY. But we are just having a conversation. I would never threaten a psychotic rogue otter from Japan.


DrGoat said...

Pretty soon it's no more floating around and eating tidbits off it's tummy.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I know otters and you, sir, are no otter.