Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Reign Of The Supermen

Superman is dead. What happens in a world when their greatest hero is no longer there to save the day? The film picks up six months after the death of Kal-el and Doomsday. However, the city is still under the protection of heroes - FOUR of them who have taken up the mantle of heroship and each represent a different aspect of the Man of Steel. Each has his own origins and motivations and in that we find a great story.

I have always said that the DEATH of Superman is not the interesting part. It's the RETURN that is the interesting part and the story I want to see. I already know the story but it still thrilled me to see what the geniuses at DC ANIMATION came up with. The film is exciting and sad and triumphant and a reminder that everything we love about Superman will never die because he represents the very best we can be - superpowers or not.

It's a great angle to see Lois interview the Justice League about their feelings about the four new Supermen who have suddenly appeared in Metropolis after Superman's body goes missing. The Wonder Woman interview is sweet but the Justice League's fate comes too early to make them a factor in this tale. Saving the world is up to the Supermen and only the Supermen.

The Eradacator is the representation of cool and ruthless Kryptonian justice. He is more computer than man and doesn't play well with others. He has no emotion other than protecing the Kryptonian nature of Susperman.
Superboy is a clone created in the labs of Lexcorp.
Half Superman and half Lex Luthor - poor kid.
John Henry Irons - The Man of Steel and the heart of Superman.
Technological inventor and genius but a leader with compassion.
The Cyborg Superman who believes in truth and justice and claims the mantle as the REAL Superman but that is not something one can just claim. He must prove his worth.
As always, things are never what they seem.
All of them believe that they are the TRUE Superman?
Not that is a story I want to follow just to see how it ends.
Special props to for how they wrote Lex Luthor who is at his selfish dickhead best. My favorite stories always involve Lex doing something useful and heroic only because of his own self interests. Love ya baby, don't ever change.
Lois Lane is also terrifically written. She is brave and smart and resourceful and magnificent like she is suppose to be. This is as strong love story as well as one of the best animated superhero movies of all time. I loved all of it. I love her relationship with Diana and how they treat each other just like besties even though one is an Amazon Princess and the other is the worst reporter in Metropolis.
As a story, this second half is worthy of the fantastic first part of the story. For a tale that is iconic, the creators did a fantastic job capturing the feel of the comic book which if you remember consisted of over 100 issues to follow the entire epic. This is a great 3 hour film that can hold it's own with the best of DC ANIMATION. The big reveals are satisfying as is the villain. I think this one would make a great snowy day film for you and the family. It's just as good as any live action superhero movie you can name and I smiled  many times at the nostalgia it made me feel. The voice acting is good as are the character interactions and animation and that ticks off all the boxes for me as a viewer.

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