Thursday, January 24, 2019

I Teach Because I Love

Cold Urticaria

Commonly known as an allergy to the cold, this affliction causes those allergic to it to break out in hives due to temperature drops. For some, all it takes is diving into a freezing-cold pool to set them off into anaphylaxis. This allergy can become quite dangerous really quickly. Cold exposure leads to the development of itchy rashes and hives. The reactions to the cold can vary, from very minor hives-based reactions to full-on fainting and shock. Swelling of the tongue or throat is also possible in this allergy.

Usually, this allergy occurs more often in young adults and can be the result of an underlying health condition. It also can be genetic, so multiple people in the same family might have it. Despite this, it still can be treated with over-the-counter allergy medication.

Ottawa freezes its way to coldest capital city in the world

-24 is NEWS?
That is normal.

I remember learning to walk on ice.
I think I was THREE.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I thought the same thing about Ottawa's big day in the news. -24C? That's nothing.

DrGoat said...

I'm sorry but just thinking about that kind of cold gives strikes terror in my heart. When it gets done to 35 degrees F. here in Tucson, people go into stasis.