Thursday, April 22, 2010

David and David - Boomtown

Someone asked me the other day what one song would you sing in concert if you could. I listed off a number of songs but I kept coming back to this one in my mind. 1986 - 'David and David' from their terrific album 'Boomtown'. This is one of the songs I recorded at one of those mall recording studios and I sounded so great.

I loved that cassette. I could listen to it straight through. That is something the younger kids will never experience with songs being sold individually and not in a format like records, cassettes or cds.

There is just something about that chorus that makes me imagine thousands of fans at one of those tribute concerts sing the chorus with me.

This video has some extra weird goodness in it from the lip syncing to the 'high as a kite' base player and the actions of the lead singer. Gold

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Leviathud said...

I LOVE this song. I first heard it on the final episode of the show "Boomtown" and never knew who sang it. Then years later one of my friends happened to play the cd one night. Its now on my in car radio playlist during GTA IV (for those quiet post police chase moments). Too bad they only made one cd.