Friday, April 23, 2010

This Shit Makes Me Crazy

We all know what really killed this commercial - women - women in the fashion and beauty industry who hate normal sized girls. They hate women and would rather see them as skeletal representations of beauty rather than what is reality. Because if they made women feel good about themselves at any size they would lose an entire industry devoted to keeping down a woman's self esteem and reminding her how much she doesn't measure up. Horseshit!

I hate this crap so much that I wanted to smash my TV when I heard about this. Gay men are suppose to love women so why aren't they stepping up to defend this commercial? Because they are part of the problem too. That model in the commercial is gorgeous and I just wish more young girls were given the message that they are fine the way they are.

Not all women are 'Maxim' girls nor should they be expected to be. Sexy is as sexy does and we, as men, have a responsibility to protect our girls and not abuse them. Abuse comes in many forms. This is the most insidious. I wish more 'normal' men understood that and were more vocal in their condemnation of this crap. We are part of the problem too because women sure give us more of a pass on our looks than we ever give them. Think about it and tell the girls in your life that they are beautiful tonight and every night.


M. D. Jackson said...

It really burned my ass when I heard about it over at Samurai Frog (you might have seen my comment)

My spleen was vented over faceless TV executives, but I think you hit the nail on the head by zeroing in on the fashionistas.

I say again:

Bastards! Every one of them. BASTARDS!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Amen, brother.

Amy said...

But Cal! If this ad gets out, then people will realize that HOLY CRAP THIS CHICK IS SEXY and all those poor, skinny, androgynous models shaped like Justin Bieber will be out of work. And then how are they going to buy their coke and diet Sprite?! DEAR GOD WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE MODELS?!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

You are right. If we don't look out for the models then we will be overrun with radishes since we know that is all they eat. I can't believe I was so selfish. Radish prices will drop and all that radish money that supports the poor in Mexico will dry up. It's a viscious cycle.

Megan said...

Thanks. I mean it.

Pat Tillett said...

Amazing! what the hell is wrong with people?

Laura said...

Great post Calvin!
It really is a shame that this was pulled.

I really wish that it wasn't just recently that I came to love my body. I spent most of my adult life hating the curves that I now embrace.
I'm a size 8/10 and it's a damn shame that size is beginning to be a plus size!

Great post, thanks for bringing it up!

Ravyn said...

Great post, Cal! When I first read this I half expected to see bodacious ta-ta's jiggly out of their pretty bra's...then I saw the commercial and cannot understand what all the commotion was about. Gorgeous woman/women and I wonder when fat-bashing will no longer be acceptable.

Unknown said...

i had not heard a thing about this. lemmy linked me up. although i'm not surprised it was banned. fat people should be hidden away or better yet KILLED

p.s. i am as you well know KIDDING. i personally am NOT a size 2 (or 4 or 6...............)

p.p.s. i am fairly lucky. i have always felt comfortable with who i am. i will never be the grrrl next door. i will never blend in with the crowd. sure, i'll be laughed at by some. but others will think i'm kinda cool. i learned not to be hurt by ignorance a long time ago. i want our daughters and our sons to respect people for who they are, not what they look like

allison said...

i hadnt even heard of this before. my frustration with the milling of people into underfed sex objects has grown to such an extent that it makes me want to not only throw up, but give up. seriously. things like this make me want to go live in the woods alone.