Friday, April 30, 2010

Separated At Birth

Of all the people I visit and comment on their work there are a select few who I feel must have shared a womb or birthing tank with me because we often answer survey questions in similar ways or choose similar images to share when we are scouting around our favorite tumblrs. This picture showed up on Tumblefrog right after I had chosen it from this tumblr. I know someone who looks just like this and thought she would get a kick out of seeing this old painting of herself. Just was one of those weird moments.

Jules Frederic Ballavoine, 1855-1901
Portrait of a Young Woman


Bossy Betty said...

This looks like me from the neck down!

Megan said...

I have made the mistake once or twice of calling other female bloggers my sister or my BFF or whathaveyou. It's always a mistake. Girls are fucking weird, man. I confess I don't get them and I never have...