Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Great Canadian Model Builders Web Page

We all love getting comments or getting followed by someone here in Happyblogland. I should have a feature highlighting all the new sites I find weekly because some are totally worth your effort to check out.

I have great respect for artists or other such creators who put love into what they do. I have some things that I do very well but there are other things I wish I did better. Drawing is one of them and building models is another.

I had tons of model kids as a kid (and sniffing the glue was only part of the appeal). You learn how to follow instructions and how to develop your fine motor skills. I rarely built the same kind of model twice. My dad would help me by taking the pieces to work after we had taped up the windows and before putting on the decals and have the guys he knew in the auto body shot paint them for me. They had a fine misting paint gun for really delicate work.

However, like most everything in life I moved on from models. Partly because of my lack of satisfaction with my work and partly because I enjoyed reading comics and playing with my action figures more. Models were just too much stress. When I taught at several native reserves I did have a modelling club after school because the Band payed for all the kits and paints.

So I have respect for anyone who can built something from pieces and make it look so good. Warren is a true craftsman and his attention to detail on these planes is amazing. Check out his site here.

He is Canadian too so I choose to highlight a Canadian plane he made. 'Here are some images of my model of Kinetics 1/32 scale Canadair F 86 F Sabre with the Canadian Golden Hawks Aerobatic team markings.'


-Warren Zoell said...

Thanks for the push.

Powdered Toast Man said...

that is a sweet looking plane. I liked building model cars and I did a air craft carrier once. The first time I used a utility knife I put it in my thumb.

DrGoat said...

That is one sweet model. I did alot when I was younger and really respect guys that can have the patience to do things like this.
PS. Too bad that Boomtown video wasn't a real live performance. That's a great song.