Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jonah Hex - First Look.

'Jonah Hex' and the 'Losers' and 'The Unknown Solider' were three of my favorite comics growing up. Hell, the current run of "Jonah Hex' is excellent and does not include a cowboy with powers. He never needed them.

I have no love for the filmmakers who added a supernatural element to a character that was cool without any 'accessories' but I understand that they needed to find some way to include CGI in the old west. Now either it will work and be very cool or we will get another WILD WILD WEST. I can't tell from the trailer.

What is wrong with simple 'revenge' anymore. That worked when I was a boy and we were happy to have it. Everything this year has to be 3D or CGI heavy or we don't care. Good STORY will always make us care. When will they figure that out?


Booksteve said...

Sadly, the whole thing leaves me rather cold. Think I'll pass on it at least for now.

Anonymous said...

I was very excited for this movie until I saw that trailer. It looks very Wild Wild West which is a damn shame.

M. D. Jackson said...

A movie with a supernatural revenge motif that I am looking forward to is Solomon Kane. It's based on a Robert E. Howard character.

M. D. Jackson said...

The only thing I really remember about the Jonah Hex comics is the weird scar thing he had going on.

It's funny, but I remember thinking, way back when, that if they made Jonah Hex into a movie, James Brolin (Josh's daddy) would have been great as Jonah.

aironlater said...

I'm with you on this - not sure I dig story arc they are pushing. Then again, movie trailers are always a cut and paste mish-mash of some of the more "fantastic" elements of the film and aren't always representative of the entire work. But then again, there's enough material here to show me that this has moved just enough away from the comic to keep me at home until I can get this on NetFlix.

Anonymous said...

I would love a decent wild-west and supernatural movie. "Deadlands" is one of my favorite RPG settings, and "Two Gun Mojo" was a very good supernatural Jonah Hex story.

But as others have said above, the second the gadgets came out, I could smell this movie as the offspring of "Wild Wild West" and "Van Helsing."

Then it had to have that Megan Fox "thing" in the movie. Why isn't she relegated to porn so someone who can act is allowed to show off their talents?