Wednesday, August 17, 2011


"We all know what makes Captain America so cool. He has the Super Soldier Serum in him that makes him the perfect human. He has trained and honed his body over the years and dives right into any battle. Cap's shown his leadership abilities with several teams as well as the tactical and strategical thinking he is capable of. Besides the wings on his mask and the red, white and blue colors of his uniform, Captain America's shield is what he is most famous for."

I read an interesting article about Captain America's shield. It is one of those great comic book weapons that is unlike anything any other hero wields. It's suppose to be made of indestructible metal alloys - an accident of construction that could not be duplicated.

This is the second time I have seen the shield destroyed. In 'Secret Wars' it was damaged but Cap was able to use his 'one wish' to make it all better.

There was another time that the shield sank to the bottom of the ocean when Cap was forced to let it go lest he run out of air. Eventually Namor found it and returned it to it's rightful owner.

This time it is Asgardian magic that proves more powerful than the shield. I agree with the article that it will be Asgardian magic that will repair the shield once more. It was pretty shocking to see it just get shredded like it was made of cardboard. Even as kids we never thought anything could overcome our Captain America garbage can lids. I now will read the last issues of 'Fear Itself' which is a pretty underwhelming mini-series from Marvel just to see if they make the reformation of Cap's shield as magical a moment as it should be.

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Budd said...

was catch even invented yet when Captain America was a kid.