Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Think I Have My Candidate For New Libyan Leader

I very impressed with this young man. He's got moxie. Just goes into Ghaddafi's bedroom and takes his hat and some of his bling. Now that is how you pimp a revolution my brother.

This kid deserves to have representation and he should be as rich and famous as a Kardashian sister - he certainly has done more with his life that any member of that family has. Poor Bruce Jenner. The man wins the gold metal in the DECATHALON (that means ten track and field events kids) and he ends up a buffon on the stupidest reality show the Devils of Television ever devised.

I would like to follow this young go-getter in the next months and years to see how his life turns out.

Now all the Libyan people have left to do is put a stake through the heart of all the multinational oil corporations who supported a madman for all those decades so they could get sweet ass deals on Lybia's resources. Maybe some of the people of that country should enjoy some of the spoils that for far too long had been distributed to the few and denied to the many.

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