Monday, August 6, 2018

My Little Comic Book Garage Sale Was A Huge Hit

It was hard to do but like choosing comics for sale it always get easier when you actually make the decision and pull the ripcord.

Right now I don't want to see another comic for at least 24 hours. I dreamed of comics last night because I have done nothing these three days but go through my 12000+ books to weed it down to sell. I thought it would be tough but it was kinda easy....and a joy to go through. I kept my gems and favs and put out my scrubs for a dollar each. Several Dads and Grandads came to buy for their kids and that was awesome to see.

I had great conversations with many other collecters and got some great information and did some networking so that I can further liquidate my collection and get what I know now is a fair deal. The chance to network with buyers was the best thing that happened over the weekend. I now have people to deal with who know that I know my stuff so we can treat each other fairly.

It was also fun to talk pop culture with people who knows all that I know. I realize how much I miss not having any friends. But then I remember that friends are PEOPLE and I don't deal with people very well. If fact this weekend I had to unfriend someone who meant the world to me but I realized she wasn't a very good friend to ME and I deserve people in my tribe to at least LIKE me or my comments. My experiences this weekend convinced me that it was the right decision for my heart to make.

I will have a nother sale in a couple weeks after I deshamblize my basement and go through the more than 9000 I still haven't even looked at yet. But I am searching through them to find that damn New Mutants 98 which is the first appearance of Deadpool by the idiot Liefeld. I know I have this book in awesome condition and I have already been offered $300 dollars for it. I could go online with it and haggle like some Bedouin but I want to avoid all that Ebay craziness. But then again it might be worth my while to have the book professional graded which could increase it's value significantly. But I can't decide anything until I actually FIND the book in my collection.

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I would appreciate any advice you would have for me.


Tim Knight said...

There's so much greatness in this post. I'm so happy for you and for helping to keep the flame of comic book fandom alive!

When it comes to that single, valuable issue, I fear you're going to have to sell it online - probably (shudder) eBay... just don't set the starting price too low! Otherwise, the chances of finding someone locally, willing to hand over that kind of cash is very slim.

Obviously, the price quoted in your picture is for an officially graded, sealed in plastic, edition, so don't expect to get close to that... regardless of how good you think your copy is.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That is why I might just take the 300 dollars I have been offered for the book if it's in the condition I know it's in. But I have to find it first. The guy I know can flip it for whatever he can get for it. I don't want all the drama especially when there are many copies already on line.

DrGoat said...

Can't help. I'm a horrible salesman. Good to see you're accomplishing some of the things you wanted to do.

Tim Knight said...

$300 today that you didn't have yesterday seems a great deal. Hope you can find the comic now!!!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

So do I. With each box I know I get closer to it. I also have the issue before where CABLE is introduced. I might cut the guy a break and give him both for 500 which I know he will give me because he can resell it for a profit himself. It's insane. Fuck Liefeld. He owes me this with my pound of flesh.

Tim Knight said...

Brilliant! Good luck! Think of all of the goodness you can acquire with that $500 ;-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Glad to hear it went so well!