Thursday, August 6, 2020

I Am Watching Big Brother All Stars By Myself

I was this close to establishing a BB All Stars watch buddy but I just got burned in a similar 'agreement to watch a show together some of my Facebook tribe and talk abut it after every two episodes. I was hoping to turn it into a special podcast that would be released along with my other Podcasts. This was going to be me and a couple watchmates talking about a great Netflix show we are watching. It would have been a wicked side project for the Cave of Cool. Then I was going to do a series of talks with the World's best cosplayers. 

I was exited to actually feel like I was watching a show WITH people. I NEVER experience that in my life. That is what hurt the most. I don't even want to watch Season Two now.

I am mad that I let it matter to me but it did.. When that brilliant idea collapsed on DAY ONE I was not ready for that disappointment .I also hate that it made me mad at the show the three of us were suppose to watch. So much so that I might NEVER watch that season even though Season One of that show is one of my most favorites and very close to my heart because I discovered it right when it first came out and am a huge fan of the writer and artist who created the comic book story that the series it is based on. 

Maybe one day I might get back to it but not before I finish Stargirl, Perry Mason, and Snowpeircer


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm watching Perry Mason right now too. It is fabulous. Sooooooooo gritty! I can hardly wait for the season finale this Sunday!

My Rare One and I are watch-buddies with another couple of various movies/programs. Right now we're finishing up Season 4 of Wallander which is on CBC Gem. We have a video meeting once per week to discuss and rant.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Perry Mason is really good. I love all that Noir stuff and all the smoking and no one takes a shower regularly.