Thursday, August 6, 2020

I Wish I Had The Skills To Build One Of These Beauties - But Hellas Pet Enclosures Does

I am starting to regret exposing my Bebe to the outdoors via harness and leash. She of course just sits on the lawn, eats her weight in grass and goes back inside. She is either terrified or chill. Either way she sits at the door, like a door, waiting for me to put the harness on her - something she doesn't fight. It's the only thing she doesn't fight me on. Well she won't walk next to me like was my dream but I can just leave her for five minutes and come back to her in the exact same spot on the grass. I hope all this means she is happy to be living with me. I don't believe it but I can imagine it in my happy place.

There there is THIS - the ultimate solution to my giving my cat the 'outdoor experience' with me having to do nothing about it but build it or have it built. If I ever have the means I would get a whole litter of kittens and raise them together in the 'Enclosure'. Then I will teach them skills so we can steal high price gems from gem stores late at night. Virtual cat burglars. Well now all the cats have to be black or very dark grey.

Or I can get sphinx cats and dress them all alike. Yes, that is the way to go.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wow, what an AWESOME outdoor cat enclosure!

I saw a blog today about a Sphynx cat named Prunella. Isn't that the most perfect name for a sphynx cat?

Count Robot said...

cool catios!

Rob R said...

My cat would love that!