Thursday, November 19, 2009

100 Alices


I saw this image a few days ago and it got me thinking about the new 'Resident Evil' movie currently in production in Toronto. I am so hoping they follow through from the end of 'Resident Evil - Apocalypse' and give us 100 Alices (all looking identical to Milla Jovovich) dedicated to the total destruction of the stinkin' Umbrella Corporation.

Each Alice should have a distinctive look different from everyone else. They all use different weapons depending on what they are comfortable with. Some use guns, others use knives or throwing stars or swords or hammers or chainsaws. You could get really creative with this part and show a dozen different ways to kill a zombie. Some would be expert pilots, or bomb makers or infiltration specialists. Each one taking a part of the original Alice's skill set and focusing on that part to contribute to the team.

All the 'Alices' know they are clones of the original. There is something in their DNA that that allows them to recognize who the true 'Alice' is.

Of course they would all dress differently and act differently the longer they are out of the growth tank. Each would develop different personalities depending on their experiences. Some would be shy while others super aggressive. Some would use their sex to get what they want and still others would 'worship' the first Alice (or Alice Prime as I would call her) as a god. This small group (maybe ten or so) would function as her private strike force and bodyguards. Some might even turn against the other 'Alices' all together because they are resentful of Alice Prime's status as the 'first among many'.

The costumes they wear would be influenced by their personalities and their experiences. One may wear a golden face mask after her features are damaged in an attack on one of the Umbrella Corporation's facilities. The possibilities are endless.

And I got all that from looking at ONE image.
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Leviathud said...

Love most of your idea except for one part. No. They are clones. When clonning clones one doesnt clone clothes. Clones must be naked. 100 naked Alices svp. At least for part of the movie. A long part. Y'know, everything but the credits.

Wings1295 said...

Think that is about 50 Alices too many.