Friday, November 20, 2009

Oh Power GIrl


You so crazy. (I can't believe I had just one more of those in me). I wonder how anyone takes Power Girl seriously as a superhero or even the literary character she is? Someone went to all the trouble to create a cousin (or whatever relation she is) for Superman. They gave her strength and flight abilities like Superman and then they made her costume so form fitting and her breasts so awkwardly huge that its the first (and sometimes only) thing anyone notices about her. That little cleavage viewing window in the middle of her chest does nothing to hide the twins. She bitches at you for looking but you HAVE TO. It would be impolite NOT to stare. And I bet she has 'caught' everyone male and some female heroes catching a peek every now and then. Hell, even Batman deduced that they 'are real and they are spectacular'. Every single drawing of her accentuates that ONE (or in this case two) feature. Is there an edict at DC Comics that you MUST make her so top heavy? Would a reduction to a lower cup size ruin the appeal of the character? I think of the strangest things early in the morning.
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Sam G said...

Hey now. I love Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner's current take on PG. They've made her into a funny/smart/sassy character who pretty much acknowledges her tremendous bazooms. Not crazy about the artists take on PG on that post picture though.

The League said...

I'd heard that Wally Wood had intentionally drawn Power Girl as particularly busty, and as far I know, its been tradition to keep that up.

I'm actually a fan of the character, as I enjoyed the cranky take they had on her in JLI back in the 1980's, like how Johns and Trautmann have handled her, and am totally shocked by the fact that I really like the PG series.

If her origin weren't such a mess, I think she'd be a great choice for big screen treatment. I'd pay $10 to see PG versus Ultra-Humanite/ wacky rom-com starring Scarlett Johnasson or someone similar.

Michael May said...

I don't read a lot of Power Girl comics, but I always got the feeling that the "Hey, my eyes are up here" characterization is based on fan-art and not the comics themselves.