Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Endgame (Spoiler Alert)


I was RIGHT! Everything that happened was drug induced and only existed in Six's mind and the minds of everyone in the Village. The Village reflected the guilt Six felt for finding the people Number 2 needed to further the experiments in conciousness that were started by Number Two's wife. What a beautifully cool 'mindf***' the whole endevour turned out to be.

Michael/Six thus becomes, THE ONE - the new representation of Number Two whose job it is to continue the 'safe' world of the Village many damaged people need. The Village is a resting place for those needing inner peace from the chaos of the real world.
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Unknown said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around in what way the two worlds are coexisting, but I think that (just as a nitpick) Michael/Six is the new number 2, while sue/133 is the new number 1 "the dreamer." That's how my wife and I interpreted it.

Unfortunately, we're not sure if "the village" is an actual place where these peoples' consciousness is actually going or if it's just a metaphor for the real life dilemma that is taking place. The question that is keeping us from understanding is "Does six exist in both the real world AND the village?" Or is his becoming number 2 in the village just a metaphor for his taking over the surveillance team in the real world? Ugh, I dunno.