Thursday, November 19, 2009

Most Inappropriate X-Mas Wrapping Paper EVER!


A woman recently purchased a roll of this wrapping paper at a dollar store because she liked the pattern. Upon closer inspection she had a 'WTF?' moment. Apparently this paper came from China who I guess don't read much history. It may be a benevolent symbol in some parts of Asia but I don't see it catching on big here in North America. Call me old fashioned but the SWASTIKA will not be making a comeback. Like little Hitler moustaches, its time has come and gone.
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Wings1295 said...

Yeah, not good.

Anonymous said...

It came from China? It doesn't surprise me. The swastika features fairly prominently in a number of eastern religions as a solar symbol (Hinduism), a symbol of balance (Buddhism), and as a general holy symbol (Jainism). This isn't the first time that something with a swastika has been imported, so somebody should probably have caught this.