Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spin That Bean Bitch


I knew I must be accumulating good Karma when I heard that 'bible thumping' hypocrite Carrie Prejean has more scandal to deal with. It appears that there are not one but EIGHT solo sex tapes of her out in the world plus nude photos. Bitch, it's not 'the worst mistake of your life' if you do the same thing SEVEN MORE TIMES! She doesn't support the right of gay people to marry but is quite happy to spin her bean and film it because making porn is acceptable but the union of two people who love each other isn't. Enjoy all those 'family values' speeches you will be giving to yourself in the mirror from now on. Only YOU could bring together progressives and conservatives who now are united in their disgust for you. The progressives dislike your hypocrisy and bigotry and the right can never forgive you being caught doing what they all preach against. At least the religious ones won't be humping you leg anymore or undressing you with their eyes during your appearances and speeches. This is SUCH delicious 'Schadenfreude' that I can barely stand it. Seems like her god has a wicked sense of irony. That's what you get for assuming that you speak for Him. Stupidity and religious judgement seem to go together in conservative women like Prejean and Palin. Sarah preaches abstinence for everyone else but has a daughter that gets knocked up. Carrie keeps coming up with lame excuses instead of embracing her inner skank. You know if this had happened to a progressive woman that she would embrace her sluttiness and ride those tapes straight to the top.
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Ricky Shambles said...

I. Love. This.

Another coincidence: people with Jesus fish stickers/plackards on the back of their cars drive like crap.

Cora said...

Damn straight.

vancouver mark said...

Hey, it's hard to focus on the road when THAT RAPTURE MIGHT COME ANY SECOND.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am actually hoping for the rapture. It would remove from the planet all the asshats/religious nuts. Back on our cleansed Earth we can go back to being reasonable without some fairytales telling us what to do. Can I do extra evil so that the rapture comes faster? I can? I am down with that.