Friday, November 20, 2009

Zoey Is Yummy


I am a third of the way through '500 Days of Summer' (my review is coming up this weekend) and I have only one question to ask - Where has the adorable Zoey Dechanel been all my life? I know her sister plays on 'Bones' but this is the first time I really have seen Zoey do her stuff. The way her eyes just pierce my heart is totally wonderful. Sure, I fall in love most everyday, but I am seriously smitten with her. I am waiting for her to push co-star Gordon Levitt off the balcony and crawl right through the TV screen to be with me. Do you think that will happen? I got this image off a great new tumblr I found - VoVatumblr. Check it out. Sometimes, things that I post are reblogged here and I am honored that I share similar sensibilities with the person behind this interesting tumblr. I predict I will be reblogging from this site alot.
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Gristle McNerd said...

you might wanna check out the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie... she's the female lead and, if memory serves, we get to see her in her underwear ;)

Leviathud said...

I saw her first! She's mine! Mine I tell you! Dont make me release the octopi!! I've adored her since Elf. She also does music with her group She and Him.

Nathan said...

Hey, that's my Tumblr! Thanks for the link!

I think it was really She & Him that got me interested in Zooey, although I'd seen her in a few things before that, and always thought she was cute.