Thursday, November 19, 2009

Push It

I love the music of Garbage. This is one of their very weidest videos for the song 'Push It'. I love the guy in the suit with the lightbulb for a head. Always thought it would be an awesome Halloween costume. This band has the kind of name that you could use to do a great 'Who's On First' type gag.

Dad - "What are you listening to?"
Me - "Garbage"
Dad - "I know its garbage but what is the name of the group?"
Me - "Garbage"
Dad - "No No No, I can hear it's garbage. I prefer Conway Twitty myself. But what do these guys call themselves?"
Me - "Garbage"
Dad - "I give up. Do you know who plays first base?"
Me - "Who plays first base."
Dad - "That's what I am asking you. Who is the guy on first base?"
Me - "Exactly"
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Lemmy Caution said...

I prefer Conway as well.

Wings1295 said...

Not a fan of Garbage, but I did like the lady singer there (whose name escapes me) on Sarah Conner.