Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where Is This From?


Someone please explain this scene to me. I heard its related to 'Smallville' which I kinda gave up on a couple of years ago due to the excessive ennui of the characters. That program just bummed me out. I know this is Green Arrow, Hawkman, Doctor Fate and the Star Spangled Girl but when do they appear? How do they appear? Is it a dream sequence or some fan film unrelated to 'Smallville' altogether?
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Drake said...

I think it's an upcoming episode of Smallville, looks like the JSA is popping up on the show.

Sam G said...

It's from a two hour TV movie - Smallville: Absolute Justice
It going to air on Feb. 5th I think.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Thanks for the tip. Would hate to miss it.

Unknown said...

as the smallville nerd i am, they are setting up for the show to have the justice league come in and hopefully take over... they have had in the show leading up to this... the flash, martian man-hunter, green arrow, wonder twins, etc. clark is not superman, but the blur. and everyone knows his secret, except lois... super reporter. as i was saying all of clark's foes know who he is or who he is going to be... lex is dead, really? lana is gone, really? clark fought doomsday and won, really? he is a reporter... is it worth watching, really?

okay, i ramble... i have been following this since the start and now the friday night death slot may finally kill the show!

Wings1295 said...

yeah, What they said... :)