Saturday, November 28, 2009

Breed Of The Week - Sphynx


As has been stated many times on this blog I have a love for this particular breed of cat. They are just so horrifically beautiful and strange - like Nospheratu of the kitty set. I knew a person who owned one once and it was totally the most lovable creature you would ever care to know. When he heard the water turn on for his bath he would totally freak out and leap from the cat stand and do a full length underwater dive. They also are awesome cuddle cats if you like to be adored like that.

"The Sphynx, or Canadian Hairless, is a breed of cat that is born without fur. Dating back to 1966, the cat was incredibly rare due to the delay in breeding it. The first cat, Prune, died without throwing a litter. In 1967, a mother Sphynx and her kittens were saved. After a second litter, two kittens were transported to London, and from there, the Sphynx breed was truly born. Sphynx, contrary to popular belief, aren’t actually hairless. They are covered in an incredibly short, soft fur that has the feel of peach fuzz. It is also possible for Sphynx cats to grow whiskers and eyebrows.

Sphynx cats need regular bathing, about one bath a week, as the natural oils from their skin can’t be absorbed by their fur, and can build up on the skin and become quite fragrant. Despite not having fur, the breed is NOT hypoallergenic. They still produce the protein in their skin oil and saliva that triggers allergic reactions in those susceptible."
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Sphynx Cats said...

Yes Sphynx cats are so loving, yet so many people think they are mean (and that picture doesn't help lol).

My two demand love, affection and attention and I am happy to give it to them. A really rewarding breed that is not aloof and snooty like some I could name ;)

Thanks for helping get information about what Sphynxes are really like out there!

Anonymous said...

I own a beautiful calico sphynx named Pixie. She is the most amazing cat ive ever owned they have a personality of a cat and a dog..She is so loving! So some people think they need alot of care is it so hard to give her a bath and pay attention to her? No seriously i would take my sphynx over a dog any day!!!! She plays with my son in the bath tub its so adorable!! Personally i think sphynx are the cutest pisses me off when someone sees her and says shes ugly :( seriously you dont see me going around calling there animals ugly! So if you dont have anything nice to say about the elligant breed of sphynx dont say anything at all!!