Thursday, November 19, 2009

Um, Did You Forget Something?


Topless Robot was right. I never really noticed before that all three of these immigrants who joined the Super Friends did so without their pants. WTF? Why not just color the legs the same color as their tops? The way they are now is just creepy. Next thing they will give them a van to cruise around in. Bare legs went out back in the Silver Age. In the comics I always felt bad for Robin when he and Batman were doing a stakeout outside during a winter storm. Hell, he didn't even have socks on, just those fruity elf shoes. He was just asking for a 'soaker' and possibly frostbite.
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Wings1295 said...

When I was a kid, I had NO IDEA that these guys weren't a regular part of the DCU.

Calvin's Nuggets of Wisdom said...

I love the yellow lighting happy trail that points right to his crotch. The Justice League should hire a new stylist.