Wednesday, November 18, 2009

He Da Man!


I totally agree with Ben about this picture. Seeing Obama on the Great Wall of China is very cool. The way he so easily fits into any environment and situation inspires me. He doesn't project the 'vibe' of 'the ugly American". Confident and cool is what I like in a world leader. You can trust that he can build strong relations with other nations and not embarrass the country, unlike the last dimwit who was President. The way he pays homage to and respects other cultures comes from his belief that he is NOT better than everyone else. Humility goes such a long way in this world and the U.S. especially needs friends more than they need enemies. While the Bush Doctrine alienated, The Obama Doctrine tries to bring people together. That more than anything fills me with hope.
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Cora said...

Here here!

DrGoat said...

Here's hoping. By the way, I read this morning that the polls are shifting. They are now blaming the Democrats for the recession. I give up.