Thursday, November 19, 2009

TV Times Again


Survivor - I am just lovin' Russell these days. If anyone deserves to win its him. His finding of not one, not two but THREE immunity idols is without precedent. He has singlehandedly kept his old tribe together and brought Shambo into the fold. This had the effect of turning FOA FOA from a week tribe that we all thought Galue would pick off one by one to a real powerhouse in this game. John was brilliant in the way he first voted with his old Galue tribe mates against Natalie, a move that led to a tie between Laura and Natalie. In the re-vote he jumped ship and voted out Laura, one of the strongest remaining players. As individual strategy goes it was one of the smartest moves I have seen ever on this show. Now GALUE will be voted off one by one and John can ride it out to the end. The look on idiot Ben's face when Laura's torch was snuffed out was such a sweet moment for me. He can 'see the train a comin', comin' round the bend' and he is tied to the tracks.

Project Runway - As much as I totally despise Arina for being the cold hearted bitch that she is, I have to give her props for being the most skilled designer in this cycle. She was never in the bottom two and even won a couple of times. She will show a more coherent collection tonight and she will win. Carol-Hannah will be a strong second only for the fact that she doubts her talent too much and often adds more embellishments to her garments than she needs to.

South Park - One question - "DO YOU PEE IN THE POOL?" Actually the question SHOULD be - "DO ANYONE NOT PEE IN THE POOL?" That question was at the heart of this weeks episode and did not disappoint. This show is getting stronger each week for me. They know their characters so well. Cartman's song lamenting that fact that his 'water park' is being ruined by minorities is a topical jab at the 'tea-baggers' and Lou Dobbs who think and preach that 'foreigners' and a black President are ruining America.
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Drake said...

I love how they try to out-smart Russel and he keeps surprising them, he's once smart bastard and i'm pulling for him to win. :)

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I am was shakey there for a bit but I think he's got his footing now and with the removal of the snake that was Laura, he is calling all the shots now.

Wandering Coyote said...

Survivor was great tonight! I was so anti-Russell to begin with but now I am totally rooting for him - and Shambo. I love how John was criticizing the critical thinking skills of his tribe and how he was pissed that they'd hatched a plan to vote for him so that the rest of the tribe could try to smoke out Russell. And John's move at the end was pretty nifty! I kind of want Monica to go next; she's really annoying and a weak player.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Ben is not half as smart as he thinks he is. The way he looked down on John like he was an idiot who could be easily manipulated just about sealed his fate. I would get rid of Ben next just to enjoy that 'deer in the headlight' look on his face that appears whenever something he didn't expect happens. He does that face alot.

Wings1295 said...

Don't watch the first two, and I have missed almost all of South Park this season! Doh!