Monday, November 30, 2009

Off To The Jungle They Go

My sister is the hippy adventurer in our family. I will willingly join the Justice League to save the planet but if there are bugs around or I gotta get wet or stung by something in the water then I am less happy about the whole situation. My fear of things that tend to brush up against my leg in the waters is well documented on my site. Call me crazy but I also think you should wear shoes in the jungle. That just the kind of nonconformist I am.

Case in point my Sister is taking my also shoeless neice and nephew to Cape Tribulation, one of the most remote and beautiful rainforests in the world. Its not far from where they live in Queensland, Australia. I did some research and found this article about a similar traveler and thought I would share three pictures with my Cave of Coolness audience.

The place certainly looks remote and beautiful but I wouldn't be sleeping ONE WINK. See if you can figure out why. Scenes like these would freak ME out and have me be tying rope around the kids all the time to keep them safe and near me at all times. She of course will just give them a sharpened stick to go play with the jungle spiders.

Another reason the gods choose to leave me childless. I would have no problem letting them wear a 'power ring' but will also insist on warm socks and mittens both of which are not often available while fighting on other planets.


Wings1295 said...

Sounds like quite an interesting and adventurous sister you have there!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

She is both a menance and an inspiration. Her barefooted urchins will inherit the Earth. Can you imagine if I had more influence on them. It would be like Batman raising the children of Superman and Wonderwoman.