Friday, April 2, 2010

30 Day Challenge II - Day 3 - Favorite Musician

This one is pretty easy. It begins and ends with Freddy Mercury for me. I know that takes me back to my old school days but I really can't think of anyone that comes to my mind right off like he does. Great voice, great songwriter and played most instruments found on the albums. Remember when artists COULD say that because they really played their own music? This song breaks my heart because Freddy was dying of AIDS at the time this video was made and it is particularly prophetic.

Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever
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Wings1295 said...

Am I in the future? Isn't it still day 2? :)

Freddie is a great choice! I didn't appreciate Queen as a kid, but I eventually came to love their stuff. Amazing group, and Mercury was an awesome talent.