Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Farenheit 451 Anyone?

There is nothing more fun than a good old fashioned Nazi-style book burning. And guess what? There is a christian church that is planing a mass burning of the Koran. Try to guess what day they have planned for this 'event'. If you said 9/11 you are right.

THIS is the exact reason why I hate religion. It can be such divisive factor in our world when those who believe, use their beliefs to justify hate. This kind of intolerance will only strengthen the bigoted views of those who choose to think this way.

To claim the authority for this action came from Jesus, the Bible or God is just as evil as those who take their fundamentalism beliefs as far as to cause mass death. Give up the hate.

Give up thinking you know how 'GOD' thinks. Seems to be contrary to everything that bronze age book of fairy tales is suppose to be about. Way to be a leader to your flock reverend.


Simon B said...

What a bunch of assholes! Surely any true Christian would reject this bigoted action out of hand.

Kal said...

They don't seem to be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Like sheep, they are just following the lies they are told. These are the same kinds of people that are so afraid of change that they hide their racism behind their bible.

M. D. Jackson said...

One of the few episodes of the show The Waltons that I remember dealt with book burning. The local preacher gathered up a bunch of German books and was going to have a book burning in response to the Nazi threat. John Boy tried to stop him and during the scuffle realized that the German books were bibles. He gives the book to a woman who speaks German and she reaqds and translates a passage.

Everybody is then ashamed and chagrined and goes home. No books were burned that night.

Isn't that a wonderful ending?

Okay, I've gotten a bit off topic. The point is burning books is a crime against humanity. The people who are keen on burning them should instead read them and try to understand. You can find an English translation if you can't read Arabic.

Kal said...

I taught in a small prairie school where they were going to sent hundreds of books to the dump to make room for new ones. I caught it in time and was indignant with the school librarian who should have known better. I took a bunch for my own collection. Gave many away to people in the community who came to see my collection of 'learnin' that I was giving away and some went to a charity that ships books to African schools. Fricken' provincial thinking. GAH!

Sarah said...

Utterly ridiculous. I'm not very religious per se, rather more spiritual, but what I recall of Christian morality, ethics, and "message" is to spread the word of God. And that means preaching, teaching, leading by example etc. NOT burning other people's beliefs.

My BFF since I was 3 years old became a born-again Christian when we were in fourth grade when her mom got on a super-religious kick. They attended a radical church in our rural area whose pastor was infamous for "beating the demons" out of people. One day she told me her church was doing an event with books & music, and asked me if I wanted to bring my parents Led Zeppelin records. I was very naive at first and was all "Sure!" until she mentioned causually that they would be burning the books & music because they were "satanic".

I immediately refused and told her that only people like Hitler burned books, and that censorship in any form was a huge crime against humanity.

Thank god her mom finally left the born-again Christian life behind and converted to Judiaism, otherwise I'm not sure our friendship would have lasted.

Drake said...

God (Or whatever force there is out there) created the Universe.

Man created religion. It has nothing whatever to do with God if you ask me.

So much hate in people who claim to believe and follow God, Jesus, Mohammad etc etc

DrGoat said...

This just confirms everything I think about a lot of American christians. Maybe they can burn a few witches while their at it. You pretty much summed it up in your comments Kal. Makes me very angry that this mindset still exists and is cultivated.

Megan said...

I just finished reading "A Canticle for Leibowitz" - have you ever read it? The wheel just keeps on turning. Hopefully a few more people get wise and fall off each time, but it's such an agonizingly slow process. Reverses like this make me despair, sometimes.

Kal said...

What is "A Canticle for Leibowitz" about?. I love that you are such a reader. I want to read something that you think is good.

Nathan said...

Ooh, maybe a Muslim group will react by burning Bibles, and soon we won't have any books left! Then Kindle sales will skyrocket.