Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have no love for the airline companies. The experience of flying is just slightly less unpleasant than that of a third world jail. I have been checking prices to book my mother a trip to go to her sister's anniversary two provinces away. Earlier this week the price was $119 each way and I thought that was okay. I checked this morning and the price had gone up to $139. In TWO days.

That was 'West Jet' the better of the two choices we have in this country. I then went to 'Air Canada'. Well what do you know. Where they were $119 two days ago they had ALSO jumped to $139.

Those COLLUDING BASTARDS! I thought they were suppose to be in competition with each other - not ganging up to give me the screwgie no matter which airline I choose. I usually go with 'West Jet' because their airline waitresses don't usually shiv me in the aisles the way 'Air Canada's' smiling staff does.

I swear they are worse than big oil and the car companies (who stopped progress on electric car technology) and I bet if I look deeper I would find that the airline industry had a lot to do with keeping jet packs and teleportation tech out of our hands too.

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