Monday, July 26, 2010

"Palin in 2012"

"With Palin, the DNC narrative is already set and, equally importantly, her name recognition is such that they could frame the election as a choice between two mega-stars, not a referendum on The One’s first term. That’s their strategy in November too, of course: If they run on their record they’re dead on arrival, no matter what the voices in Harry Reid’s head might be telling him, so they’re forced to push a “GOP is worse!” message that deflects attention onto their opponents. Hence the constant agonizing among the Republican House leadership about whether to endorse a specific conservative agenda for the midterms, which gives the Dems something concrete to attack, or whether to sell themselves more vaguely as candidates of, er, hope and change vis-a-vis Pelosi’s Democratic majority. If Sarahcuda’s the nominee, we get a real “A vs. B” choice election, not an “A vs. Not A” referendum as typically happens with incumbent presidents. That would be tons of fun to write about under any circumstance, but with two larger-than-life candidates like her and The One, it’d be blog paradise; it’d also have the party establishment, which is eager for a straightforward “anyone but Obama” campaign, breathing into paper bags. No wonder lefty bloggers are gung ho. And hey — just think how much fresh new Trig Truther material they must have saved up by now."

This idea of 'Princess Dumbass of the North Woods' running might be more of a reality than anyone might think. While the Republican Party would prefer her to be their chairperson (thus eliminating gaff-prone Michael Steel and having SOME control over gaff-prone Palin) to take advantage of her enormous potential to get out their message AND bring in the fundraising dollars, they also realize that the grass roots may emply a moose call that would be impossible for her to ignore.

She wants this so bad she can taste it and she will never get a better chance with a media that is unwhilling or unable to challenger her on the big questions. She has so many other outlets like the 'social' media to get out her message to the faithful while avoiding anything that could paint her in a bad light to her followes. To progressives that ship has alread sailed.

Maybe we HAVEW to put the question of her popularity and politcal viability to a national vote to finally put this demon down. It seems the only thing that will unless of course Levi comes out with a 'tell all' pamphlet (no way anyone from that family can write a full book) right before the election. I love how he sorta got her by the short ones now that he has weasled his way back into the family through the stunned door that is Bristol. The article writer was correct. We CAN really have a lot of fun with this one.


M. D. Jackson said...

Perhaps the republican party bosses are thinking that the Sarahnator might (I emphasize might) split the democratic vote. Sure, she is an evil republican but feminist democrats might just hold their nose and pull the Palin lever just to get a woman in the white house.

DrGoat said...

Thanks for bringing up the fact that we have a media machine in this country that is scared of the right-wing (or owned by them). A far cry from the 'liberal media' that they seem to have everyone believing. Bush should have been put under the microscope for eight years like they have done with Obama for the past two.

Kal said...

I needed to mention that whole 'split vote' thing. Sarah would unite the Republican and Tea Party voters in a way few others could. That more than anything may be why she gets the nod.

Nathan said...

I have to wonder if she really DOES want to be President, though. Sure, she acts like it, but don't forget that she couldn't even last her entire term as Governor. Also, how could she possibly be leader of the free world and still take time out to whine about every individual criticism or joke about her?

Mind you, she might just be too dumb to make these connections. Or her running could be a secret ploy to get the Vice Presidential candidate in office after she resigns in a week or two.