Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's All About Being A Professional and Putting In The Effort

Another reason to love her. She cares about trying to do the right thing rather than worrying about herself.

"Selena's letter on facebook.

Hey guys, by now I’m sure most of you know that my voice is gone and that I had to cancel some of my upcoming shows. After my 2 week promo tour with Joey I started to feel pain in my throat from talking too much. As soon as I came home I went to see my doctor and he said that I had damaged my vocal chords and that I had acid reflex (probably from pickles). He put me on medication and wanted to see me in a few days. When I went back my voice had gotten much worse. He then told me that I had to cancel my shows and be on vocal rest for a week. I felt so horrible that I couldn’t perform. I begged the doctor to give me more medication to last me through these shows, he said if I went I could lose my voice completely and have permanent damage. I had to give up and agree to not go but I WILL make it up. We are doing the best we can to reschedule all of the shows and I will do a 2 hour meet and greet in each city that I missed when I come back into town. We are also trying to see who was planning on coming to the shows so we can give you all tickets to the rescheduled shows. I am SO sorry about all of this and really hope I can see you all when I’m better.

The show in Columbus, OH has already been rescheduled for November 6th.

The shows that have been cancelled are: Delaware State Fair 7/28/10 Lilith Fair Tour in Holmdel, NJ 7/31 and Hartford, CT 8/01

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. :(

I love you all so much and can’t wait to see you. Thank you for understanding. It means so much.



DrGoat said...

She seems like a good kid and not the stereotypical brat we're so used to seeing now.

Kal said...

From all indications it appears you a right. She has yet to do anything that disappoints me so I am happy to be a fan.