Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fuck Grant Morrison

I have over 12,000 comics in my collection and have read maybe three times that many in my life so I KNOW comic books. Four issues in, I have no explanation about what is going on in the Morrison written 'The Return of Bruce Wayne' 6 issue mini-series.

ENOUGH with this hack! Go back to the start, get a new writer, and tell me an INTERESTING story where one comic adds more to the next and actually advances a tale that I can understand and that makes sense. More importantly, give me something that entertains me instead of making me want to take a nail gun to some Scottish writer's head.

Enough of the cryptic bullshit and half written tales. It's not cute or funny anymore. YOU SUCK MORRISON. FUCK YOU!


M. D. Jackson said...

Hmmm. Let me see if I'm picking up on your attitude about Mr. Morrison. It seems that you don't like him.

Sorry if I've misstated the case. You're just a little ambiguous about your feelings

Leviathud said...

So I know there's time travel aspect, when do the nano-tech and strange drugs come in? It is a Morrison series after all. And he is a 3 trick pony just rehashing The Invisibles whenever possible.

Kal said...

Really, these are the worst comics I have ever read.

Budd said...

was it worse than final crisis. final crisis sucked.