Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"She Just So Gangsta"


M. D. Jackson said...

Sorry, Cal. She not so gangsta.

Well... more gangsta that Justin Bieber, I'll give her that.

M. D. Jackson said...

Sorry, s/b "more gansta THAN Justin..."

Frick, I hate typos!

Kal said...

She is so street that she has rain gutter. YEH. She is so street that she is made of cobblestones. YEH. She is so street that she glows red, yellow and green.

vancouver mark said...

Ah and so it progresses just as anticipated. She's doing the satanic hand sign with real feeling now(in black n white checkerboard "as above so below" Masonic pants no less, and blinking behind her hair to get that one eye Antichrist effect) and advertising herself now as a "Transformer..."
What a trouper!
Our little Disney good girl is growing up and sliding on down, right on schedule. Within fifteen months she'll be "simulating" lesbian love scenes in a Lady Gaga video and getting out of limos with no panties, or some such.

Time to harvest yet another crop of fresh-faced pubescents.

Really, Cal, isn't it about time to find a new young one??

Leviathud said...

Gangsta? Isn't she doing a bad 'devil's horns"? She's no Dio, but still, I like the way she cuts that jib.

DrGoat said...

Those are awesome fingers.