Monday, July 26, 2010

Grimmace Just Getting His 'Drank' On, Bitches

This is the happiest story I read today. I don't know why people be hatin'. Someone with everything just wanting to give back to the community. People just don't want to support entrepreneurship. I bet he was giving a 50/50 mix of cough syrup and grape drank when he could have easily got away with a 25/75 proportion. AND, he even got Grimmace to endorse this product and we all know that the 'G-Man' don't lend his name and likeness to ANYTHING. He's almost religious that way. This is just the kind of thinkin' 'outside the drank' that we need in these troubled times.

"NFL player suspended for cough syrup and grape soda mix known as “purple drank” or “Houston drank” which goes for $60 an once on the streets of Houston."

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